Men love receiving gifts just as much as women. So, spoil your spouse or best buddy this holiday season with a special gift to brighten up their day. The only downside is that it can be notoriously difficult to shop for a guy. But relax, we have got you covered. Steer clear of clichés and add these items to your list.

Fitness Tracker

Encourage your loved one to adopt a healthier lifestyle by gifting them a fitness tracker. It is also a great gift for your tech savvy or fitness freak friend who is always on the move. Opt for a model with built-in GPS connectivity even if you are buying a basic device. This will make it easier for the wearer to connect the tracker with the fitness app on their phone. Available in a plethora of colours, these trackers serve as a sneaky way to add a pop of colour to your overall outfit.


Good scent is certainly the trademark of a gentleman, so what could make a better gift than a bottle of cologne? Stick to high end brands with longer lasting fragrances. Avoid drug-store perfumes and colognes if you are buying it as a present for your colleague or boss.


Sometimes, the best gifts come in small packages and that is exactly why men love cufflinks. These simple yet elegant accessories can fit inside a tiny box but can mean make a world of difference to their outfit. Invest in customised cufflinks for a more personalised gift. This is the perfect gift for men who wear dress shirts every day, but go perfectly well with kurtas too.

Messenger Bag

From carrying books to personal belongings, a messenger bag is a great gift for men who can’t quite see themselves carrying a briefcase to work. Ensure the bag has plenty of space and has a separate compartment for carrying a laptop. This gift is an excellent choice for guys who travel frequently or have a long commute to work.