Achieve a FLAWLESS glow this WINTER

  • 23 Dec - 29 Dec, 2017
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

If you have only one skincare routine throughout the year, you are doing it wrong. Whether it is summer or winter, we can see a drastic change in the way our skin behaves. While summer time brings with it tanning season, winter brings out the dryness and dullness of our skin. With these changes, it is mandatory to follow a skincare routine that will best suit the skin as per the weather outside. Below is a routine you can follow through this season. Work on these skincare hacks (while also thinking about a change in shampoo and conditioner). A complete skincare routine will ensure your skin is happy all year long.

Stay hydrated

Of course, when it is cold and dry outside, there is no doubt you need to quench your thirst frequently by gulping down loads of water. During winter, you may not feel that thirsty or dehydrated, but it is essential to still drink six to eight glasses of water to keep the skin hydrated and prevent the dryness that comes with cold weather. Skin cells are like fish and need water to live. A good addition to your skincare routine is applying toner over the skin after cleansing and immediately applying serum or moisturiser while it is still damp.


A lightweight moisturiser will be enough for most skin types in the summer, but when the weather begins to cool down, it is important to apply something a little heavier to prevent moisture loss. It is recommended to use a pro-remedy oil at night, so you wake up with your skin feeling soft, supple and completely hydrated. If you have dry skin, opt for two layers of moisturising like a serum/oil with lightweight cream, it will help avoid any visible dryness. You can also mix drops of this oil with your foundation for a glowy finish.

Protect with SPF

This may come as a surprise, but winter (similar to spring) is a season where a tremendous amount of UV damage is incurred. We often think that when the temperatures are cooler outside, the sun isn’t as harmful, but this is false. While the UVB rays (the ones responsible for causing suntans or sunburns) are not as strong during this time of the year, the UVA rays (the ones that cause skin cancer and premature wrinkles) are just as strong as they are in July and August. Protection against these rays is a year-round job. So, be sure to apply a sunscreen formulated for your skin type to the face, neck, and any other exposed area to shield it from direct sunlight.


Because certain skin types are prone to increased sensitivity in summer from heat, chlorine and sun, exfoliation should be minimal. But come winter, exfoliation is imperative when it comes to repairing and brightening the complexion. For silky, smooth skin, a well-formulated facial scrub or an at-home exfoliating peel is a must. Opt for one that can be used on the face as well and helps with pigmentation and reduces acne scars.