Letters To The Editor

"Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in."
– Napoleon Bonaparte

Give way to ambulances

People on the roads hardly give way to ambulances, causing patients to wait several minutes in traffic until they can be given proper medical care. This long wait can potentially risk a patient’s life or lead to a number of complications.

The concerned authorities should take measures to ensure that ambulances can travel freely on roads without worrying about traffic. Traffic police men and other motorists on the road must also learn to show compassion and give way to ambulances. Furthermore, the ambulances must be equipped with proper medical instruments so that patients can be provided proper medical care promptly in case of an emergency. Taking such measures is highly important, as it can help save someone’s life.
Nimra Shahid,

Extracurricular activities in schools

It is upsetting how our education system only focuses on the importance of rote learning and memorising long paragraphs. We have a long way to go if we want to improve the current education quality in Pakistan but at this moment, we should work on promoting extracurricular activities in schools. These activities play a vital role in the intellectual development of a child, encouraging them to take up new hobbies. Schools can start by forming different clubs for cooking, planting trees, sports, arts and craft etc. Students can then sign up for the club they are most interested in. This would help them develop a new skill which is sure to come in handy during their life. Parents should also encourage their children to take part in such activities instead of only focusing on academics.

Tooba Waqar,

Proper disposal of garbage

The improper disposal of garbage has become a major problem in Pakistan. Garbage is often disposed in communal trash areas around the country. There seems to be no solution for this problem, as residents also continue to throw trash on streets. Mounds of garbage are disposed on roads with nobody to clean up the mess. These sites prove to be the ideal breeding ground for insects, mosquitoes, rodents and other creatures that cause the spread of different diseases.

This is primarily why diseases such as dengue and Chikungunya have been so rampant in Karachi. Matters are made worse when garbage is burned on the roads, as it causes the release of toxic gas in the air.

For a safer and cleaner environment, the government should take measures to address this problem. Trees and other small plants must also be planted to reduce the effects of global warming.

Dr. Zain Hashmi,

Mental health awareness

In Pakistan, a person is not considered ill until he has sustained a prescription from a doctor or has broken a limb. As a nation, we continue to ignore the importance of treating mental health problems. Professionals such as journalists and police officers are most likely to experience symptoms of depression and anxiety, as they are exposed to highly stressful environments. In fact, young students are also likely to experience anxiety and panic attacks because of the increasing pressures of education. Unfortunately, such matters are never addressed by the media or by educational institutes.

Hospitals and psychologists should introduce campaigns that would encourage people to seek professional help, if required. Mental health is considered a taboo in Pakistan which is why patients are afraid to opt for treatment.

Reja Masood,

Tourist sites covered in litter

Gilgit, Baltistan is certainly among the most raved about tourist attractions in Pakistan. However, to my surprise, I found various areas of the site covered in litter on my trip to the famous location. Wrappers, boxes, food item and bottles were strewn all over the place, diminishing the beauty of the spot. What’s most upsetting is that there were hardly any trash bins in the region. We need to address this problem more seriously if we want Pakistan’s tourism industry to flourish. If the pollution continues to increase at this rate, the area will lose its natural beauty and our country will incur a major economic loss.

Sibte Hasan,