No more please!

Beauty trends that we wish cease to exist in 2018

  • 30 Dec - 05 Jan, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

Using anything but a make-up tool to apply your product

We saw way too much of this and are still trying to recover from the first time it happened. From using a dish sponge to blend make-up to a spoon, or a shoe heel to contour, this completely unnecessary trend has only made its followers look silly. It goes without saying that you regular should stick to your sponges, brushes and blenders to apply your product, because that’s what they are for and they get the job done perfectly.

Unnecessary contouring

Too many ladies out there are obsessed with the idea of “the perfect contour” when they aren’t even sure what it really is. They would blindly follow any new trend that will catch their attention in hopes of getting things right. It is the job of beauty bloggers and make-up artists, then, to provide rightful guidance. Take clown contouring, for instance. To buy and apply more products to get the same results that you are getting from your regular contour kit, just doesn’t make sense. What you are doing, instead, is putting layers and layers of foundation, concealer, and powder on your face and that means more acne, bad skin, huge pores, and maybe even potential skin infections.

Body contouring

Contouring your face is a handful as it is, but this latest make-up trend has taken things way too far. As if everyone wasn’t obsessed enough with unnatural-looking face, lips and eyes, now ladies want their chest, collar bone, and neck to look sculpted as well. This is getting a bit out of hand, to be honest. Apart from promoting an unhealthy body image, this will also waste a lot of your time on application and money on products. Plus, think of the stains it will leave on your clothes!

Overdrawn lips

Do you really expect people to believe that you were naturally blessed with that over-sized pout? What about ones who have known you for years and meet you on days when you are not sporting it? This trend has only been damaging to ladies’ self esteem. Thank you Kylie Jenner and all those actresses who are proudly parading their lips post lip jobs. Promoting the idea that you should try to show that you have bolder, more prominent features instead of the delicate ones you have, has done nothing but made girls image conscious. What we should be doing instead, is teaching them to accept their features as they are and flaunt them confidently.

Using too much concealer

Two triangles under the eyes, one on the forehead and one for the chin, a strip down the nose – would it not be easier to just apply the product on the entire face? If you are one of those subjecting your skin to an overdose of concealing products, you need to take it easy, and apply a sensible amount just on areas that truly need it.

No more drama!

The problem with overdone eyebrows is the eyebrow-shaming that follows. While it’s true that eyebrows frame the face, that doesn’t mean everyone should feel obligated to drop a fortune on make-up for your eyebrows in order to thicken them. The grooming, stenciling, shading, and detailing is exhausting, but then you have to do it all over again for the other eyebrow to try and achieve some semblance. And you have to keep doing it every day, too. The overdone and thick eyebrow trend needs to die for the sake of everyone’s sanity.

Charcoal mask

This had been one painful trend to follow! Not many realise it but this cleansing mask might actually be damaging your skin instead of helping it. There is a reason everyone is in pain when they rip these masks off; when removed, cells from the outer layer of skin are being taken off along with the mask, and any hair as well. The reason your skin feels so soft and smooth after using the mask is because you have literally just stripped off a surface layer of skin and all the natural oils that sit on your face to protect it, leaving it vulnerable for up to 30 days. It makes one wonder, what was wrong with good old painless beauty masks?

Glitter eye shadow

Adding too much colour or product to your face is dangerous and unflattering, which is why this trend is an enemy. Sparkling eye shadow is a look that can take an hour to create, the but what’s worse is the potential damage it can do to your eyes. Do you ever wonder that a piece of glitter or stud could remain stuck to your eyes, cause infection and may be even blindness? You are applying glue on your eyelid, for crying out loud! Does one need more reasons to end this hideous trend once and for all?

The super lash

One question: how does one even see out of this bush? Applying fake lashes is one thing, but don’t exaggerate it to the point that it becomes unbelievable and impractical. And let’s not even talk about eyelash extensions! A good mascara does the trick pretty well, too, by the way.

Acrylic art

This is not the ‘90s. Witchy nails (or unicorn nails as they are called these days) are not pretty, and elaborate nail art on them (with feathers, studs, flowers, and crystals) requires a lot of time and such nails are generally impractical, as they create hindrance if and when you want to work with your fingers. Sometimes simple things can make all the statement you want. Go for clean and buffed nails with French tips, instead.