• 30 Dec - 05 Jan, 2018
  • Rabia Mushtaq
  • Interview

Not very different from 2017, Samiah Khan – a famous Pakistan astrologer – predicts 2018 to be a continuity of the previous year. She makes strong revelations about the country’s fate in the year to follow in several realms. From politics to media and economy to world politics, here’s what she shared in a chat with MAG.

What will the year 2018 be like for Pakistan?

2018 will be more of a continuity of the year 2017. The next year, especially till the start of September, there will be an uncertain situation among the general public regarding politics. Major change will be visible after September. This is when we’ll see some positive changes in the country and a good time for Pakistan will start.

What would be the political status of Pakistan?

As far as politics is concerned, I have been repeatedly saying this for the past two-and-a-half years that Nawaz Sharif’s time is not at all good because his stars were not in line. Earlier, it was I who predicted that Sharif will become the Prime Minister for the third time but now his time is over. Even though PML-N’s government will be dissolved beforehand, it will finish its term. It has no danger whatsoever from any power. Just like the operation Zarb-e-Azb took place to eliminate terrorism from the country, a similar operation will sweep away corrupt politicians soon. Pakistan’s politics will witness spring cleaning. The process will continue in full swing till September 2018 and some major names will be imprisoned and many more will be exposed.

Do you see peaceful elections taking place. Who is expected to win?

In terms of elections, there is no danger, but if political parties are not careful and continue with their blame games and do not think about the betterment of the country, then September can turn into a dangerous month and the country might have to bear a major loss which cannot be undone. And that’s when our public should not expect the rule of democracy in the country. Elections will only take place after September, as far as I can see and there are high chances of the interim government spending a long time until that happens. The politics of dynasties will get over when the next elections take place. Numerous old faces will vanish and new ones will surface. One party rule will get over, so one can see a lot of parties forming the next government together.

Who could be the next prime minister of Pakistan?

Even though I don’t see Imran Khan becoming the next prime minister of Pakistan but his stars appear strong along with Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s. Many new alliances will be formed and from September 2018 a new Pakistan will become a reality.

What would be the future of PML-N, especially Nawaz Sharif?

Nawaz Sharif’s stars are in danger and his party Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) will suffer a lot of damage; there will be immense fragmentation in the party and blame game will be on a rise among party members. The Sharif family will still take at least two-and-a-half to three years to recover their defaced image.

Tell us something about Imran Khan’s life and politics.

Imran Khan’s political stars are very strong. I had earlier predicted that he will be very successful in the opposition, and he was undoubtedly very influential. He will be wearing a sherwani to his wedding but not for the oath-taking ceremony as a prime minister. His wedding time has already started from October 10, 2017 and will continue till November 9, 2018, and this is when the news of his marriage will come to the fore anytime during the aforementioned period.

Could Bilawal take over the reins from Asif Ali Zardari?

Bilawal will only be used as a pawn and will soon vanish from the political surface in the next two to three years. His father, Zardari will be the only mastermind of the party. Asif Ali Zardari’s star, from December 20, 2017, appears quite active, but unfortunately that will not help him completely establish his image but will slightly help him recover the damage that has been done.

Do you see MQM-Pakistan and PSP’s merger? What about MQM-London’s fate?

I have mentioned this several times that MQM cannot be imagined minus Altaf Hussain and it has been proven time and again. Therefore, Karachi will witness many newly formed alliances in the form of some older people coming together and forming new mergers. Things are going to get very interesting with time. MQM-London will come to an end. Consequently, MQM-Pakistan will also not survive, which is why they will form alliances with other entities in Karachi. I do see Mustafa Kamal’s star rising and will be seen in full boom in November.

What will be the army’s role in 2018?

One cannot imagine running this country without the army’s input. Their role will continue to impact the country’s system and will be very positive, especially in maintaining peace.

How do you see Pakistan’s relationship with India?

As far as Pakistan and India’s relationship is concerned, there will be no improvement in the next year. There are preparations for a world war in 2020. Therefore, Trump is trying his best to make sure that happens soon, nevertheless, Pakistan, for the time being, is safe from the dangers of these preparations. India, Israel and America will be seen giving us tough time in the future, but our country will still not be in danger due to their policies. We’ll have to see further in 2020, but otherwise the circumstances will be normal.

Will terrorism reduce or increase in 2018?

Terrorism will gain strength in 2018, however, Daesh will come close to its end. The situation of terrorism, however, will not be as deadly as we have witnessed earlier. Our army will have much more control over terrorists attacking within the country, so their efforts will increase rigorously and prove to be very effective.

What about the country’s economy?

The economy will witness numerous swings till November 8, in terms of its international dealings. As far as returning loans and import and export is concerned, there will be fluctuations and the country will progress and the common man will receive news of relief. There will be an improvement in the country’s energy crisis, while CPEC will smoothly function under the army’s surveillance. All the looted money will also be recovered gradually. People investing in the stock exchange need to be very careful because there will be immense swings and instability. It will be a bad time for politicians and the elite who will be really affected due to the fluctuation in our economy. Since Pakistan will see a lot of new alliances with respect to its foreign relations, this will also play a huge role in the economic prosperity of the country.

What does the future of world politics look like?

Trump will be manipulative throughout 2018 in order to make his survival possible and his policies are going to make way for the next world war in 2020 which might also kick-start in 2019. However, Islamic countries will unite against any such policy and Pakistan will have a major role to play in the future.

Do you foresee any natural calamities?

Yes, there will be natural calamities around the world, especially in the U.S. but Pakistan will stay unaffected by major natural disasters.

Any advice for the general public?

2018 is a year of major change and this is the last year for us to make a good decision. Therefore, if the power of vote is not utilised properly, the phrase ‘jaisi quom waisey hukumran’ will prove to be right. This is the last chance to make things right and I would advise the general public to use their voting power in the best and most intelligent way possible.



    Akhter commented one year ago

    i dont consider her qualified astrologer, she is working on speculations and sometimes luckily her 2 out of 100 predictions becomes true she start referring them as a reference to impress, in current situation anyone who is speaking against IK and in favour of NS is getting more limelight and gettin

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    Akhter commented one year ago

    What about the country’s economy? The economy will witness numerous swings till November 8, in terms of its international dealings. As far as returning loans and import and export is concerned, there will be fluctuations and the country will progress and the common man will receive news of relief.

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