Letters To The Editor

“Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.”
– Hal Borlan

Soft drink ban

A couple of months ago, the Punjab Food Authority had issued a soft drink ban that was to have immediate effect in all the educational institutes in the province. This ban was announced in light of harmful chemicals found in soft drinks sold in school cafeterias and canteens. The excessive consumption of such drinks can lead to a number of dangerous diseases not to mention, the increasing sugar content can cause diabetes and hyperactivity among young children.

This step was highly commendable as it can significantly improve the health condition of students, steering them away from obesity. Similar measures should also be taken across the country. In fact, business operators and distributers should pay attention to their social responsibilities and put an end to the buying and selling of soft drinks in educational institutes. At the same time, healthier menu options should be introduced so that students are not compelled to eat unhealthy lunches.

Asad Rizvi,

New Year’s Resolutions

Each year, we make New Year’s Resolutions to celebrate the start of a new beginning. However, somewhere in the process, we forget that the whole point of writing down resolutions is to reflect on the previous year. It is common for people to write about losing weight, making more money or taking up a new hobby, but at the same time, it is essential we focus on making ourselves better human beings, and this can only made possible if we reflect upon our past selves.

So this year, spend a few minutes thinking about all those times you had been unkind to others and how you should have reacted differently. Practice this activity with your spouse, kids and friends. This way, the coming year will definitely be a great year and you will truly be starting off with your better self. Happy New Year!

Maham Tanveer,

Promoting culture and art

It is upsetting how in Pakistan, we completely undermine the importance of promoting culture and arts in our society. Studying art teaches our students to celebrate diversity and be more tolerant towards others. Keeping the recent Quetta church attack in mind, we need to teach our children more about respecting other religions and cultures.

Our textbooks only glorify national heroes and are not diverse enough to include the contributions of what people have done all around the world. While a hint of cultural studies is taught in school through social studies, more work should be done to promote culture and arts. Children’s magazines and entertainment channels should work hand in hand to encourage diversity in our society. Additionally, kids in schools should be taught to be kind to one another, irrespective of background or religion. If we fail to do so, our children may not grow up to be tolerant towards members of minority communities.

Sadaf Batool,

Maintaining quality food standards

I recently had the pleasure of going to one of the finest restaurants in the city. While the food and ambience were all definitely beyond par, I certainly cannot say the same about the restaurant’s kitchen standards. While catching a glimpse of the kitchen, I could not believe my eyes. The dirty dishes were all piled up one after the other while the employees used the very same station to serve freshly cooked food. I also noticed that the restaurant workers were not using any gloves to handle the food and were not bothered by the substandard state of the kitchen.

This came as a surprise as the restaurant is among the most renowned in the city and promises to offer a fine dining experience. Unfortunately, dirty dishes and not paying attention to hygiene did not complement my overall experience. These restaurants charge a hefty amount for the food they serve hence they should pay special attention when it comes to hygiene. The food authorities should conduct inspections all over the country to ensure that restaurant owners and workers are maintaining quality standards.

Riffat Ahmed,