Ride That Denium Trend Wagon Bollywood Style!

Flared denim

Want to try out the denim trend but still look completely different? Check out flared denims! Since most ladies out there are hung up on skinny jeans and ripped pants, sporting flared denims would give you a vintage edge over everyone else in the room. These are great to be showing off in Autumn, as well when boho trends are on the rise, so they make a good investment.

Denims dungarees

Denim dungarees are not only a great childhood throwback but also a comfort wear that can be paired with anything from crop tops to t-shirts to plaid shirts. It’s a fun and flirty way to show off a good figure, and if done right, can make all heads turn towards you. Complete your solid blue denim dungaree with cool sea blue suede heels for a pop of colour.

Denim jackets

A great way to mix-and-match, denim jackets can literally be paired up with any and everything. Be it skirts, dresses or jeans, denim jackets can spice up any outfit. Team it up with a formal frock or maxi accompanied with the coolest summer shades to jazz up the look.

Distressed denims

One of the hottest trends on the block right now, ripped jeans or distressed denims are available in various aesthetically exciting cuts. With almost all the celebs flaunting the trend, it is one of those things that you must give a shot while there is still time.

Skinny jeans

One of the classic trends, skinny jeans are not only a great way to flaunt those toned legs but are also very easily pair able with pretty much any kind of separate and look good with almost everything! These wardrobe staples are everyone’s favourite because they are usable all year round and no matter what mood or look you’re going with, they get the job done.

Denim on denim

This look has made a return to the fashion front, and why not? You just can’t enough of this style! Even though it is a very 80's and 90's trend, you can totally make it cool by incorporating edgy cuts and eccentric motifs to spice things up. Wear a denim top with a denim skirt along with white sneakers, and you’ll be the chicest girl on the block.