Deal or No Deal?

Here’s what these Bollywood celebrities have to say about matrimony

Marriages in India are termed as sacred, but the wave of modernisation surely has brought along a change in thought. And while the matrimonial bond is perceived in different ways by different people, here is what the tinsel town bigwigs have to say about the life-long arrangement.

Salman Khan

"The word 'love' is a need. It depends on whose need is more, or who you might need at some point. But she may not need you at all. This can also turn the other way round when you don't need her sometimes. So, basically, the need has got to be equal at all times which may or may not happen. For me, I think, marriage is a waste of money!"

Alia Bhatt
"I want to settle down early in life because I have an advantage of having started off [in career] very early. That way [getting married], I can get done with it and continue [in my career]. Also, I don't want to settle down too late because that has its own issues. But honestly, I am not thinking about it or planning as of now."

Sidharth Malhotra
"Well... I don't know about marriage. My mum would be happy. Marriage is something I have not planned for now. No offence, but I don't get the whole concept of arranged marriage. I'd rather know the person who I'll settle down with. But if I had to put a cap on it, maybe I will get hitched in my 30s."

Deepika Padukone
"I don't think marriage has anything to do with age. It depends on the state of mind of the person and all the situations and people in their life. I don't believe one should define marriage with the parameters of age at all. There are some people who don't get married till their mid-40s while there are also folks who tie the knot at 21-22. Personally, I am not ready for marriage yet."

Ranbir Kapoor
"I’m looking for peace now. Maybe, I’ve grown older. When you’re younger, you have the energy to deal with it [marriage]. I find peace sitting in my grandmother’s (Krishna Kapoor) place, sitting on the swing, looking at nature, playing with my dogs or just being alone. I’m not uncomfortable with loneliness. I’m happy taking a holiday by myself. I’m happy going to a restaurant alone, eating alone, visiting a theatre alone."

Kangana Ranaut
"I don't have inhibitions about marriage but I have certainly seen a lot in my life. I never said that I am against marriage but to be honest, it is very difficult to hold on to relationships in this industry. If you plan to marry an actor and the career graph of both are not on the same level, it gives birth to complexities. You start becoming jealous and the relationship starts faltering. Then, there are so many successful people in the industry that you might start getting attracted to other people, thus making things even more complex. I feel it's almost next to impossible for me to marry someone from this industry.”

Kareena Kapoor
"I was never really single throughout my career, so there’s no question of missing it. In the last five years with Saif, I have been committed to him and now the commitment is only getting deeper. I feel like he makes me a more interesting person because he makes for an enriching company. He keeps me engaged in every way. Try and live-in together before getting married to the person. This will help you understand each other better."

Arjun Kapoor
“I think my family is pretty aware that I am not in the frame of mind to get married at all. They are pretty chill that way. Actually, nobody has brought up the topic of marriage as yet. I am hoping to do a lot more work [before getting married] and also find a better balance between my work and personal life."

Varun Dhawan
"Yes, I want to get married. I am 30 now and I want to have babies real soon. I love babies and want to have my own. I have always been a firm believer of marriage because my mom and dad's relationship has been strong for so many years, so I have seen that side to marriage only."