Books that won us over in 2017

Mr and Mrs Jinnah by Sheela Reddy

One of the most engaging reads of the year, Mr and Mrs Jinnah talks about the marriage of Pakistan's founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah with Rattanbai (Ruttie) Petit that shocked India, as the author paints a picture of their life together in the most mesmerising way.

Lincoln In The Bardo by George Saunders
This masterpiece by Saunders is an original and moving father-son story based on Abraham Lincoln, as well as a memorable cast of supporting characters, living and dead, as well as historical and invented.

Home Fire by Kamila Shamsie
Surely the one to fall in the best books category, Kamila Shamsie’s Home Fire is a bold retelling of Sophocles’ Antigone, that follows the lives of three British siblings of Pakistani descent.

Exit West by Mohsin Hamid
A New York Times’ bestseller novel by Mohsin Hamid is an astonishingly far-sighted love story that imagines the forces that drive common people from their homes into the uncertain grip of new lands.

City of Spies by Sorayya Khan
City of Spies is based on the author’s own childhood in Islamabad, Pakistan. The novel discusses her as she comes of age amidst a political upheaval during 1970s Pakistan.