Remembering the beauty giants of 2017

  • 06 Jan - 12 Jan, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

Surely we are all looking forward to 2018, new beauty tips and tricks. But let’s not forget all those who made a difference in the beauty world in the gone year and who might just inspire more trends this year. MAG rounds up the big achievers of last year and asks experts what the year ahead looks like.



A well-known face in the fashion world, model Saheefa faced a lot of bashing online for her super short hair when images of one of her shoots went viral. People just couldn’t get over her sporting an androgynous look, but she held her own and shut down all the haters with a strongly-worded yet calm and composed Facebook post. What’s more? She sported an even shorter hair cut at her own wedding recently. Now this is what we call inspirational.


Ever since her Hollywood outing, PC has been a trendsetter not only for ladies back home but even for her international fans. Her style is on point no doubt, but she has garnered more applause for her beautiful tan complexion, impeccable hair and deep lip shades. From going bare-skin to flaunting the darkest pouts, the actress has really taught South Asian ladies to be confident in their skin.


Sadaf became yet another celebrity to shun her locks for a chic bob this year. She flaunted an edgy cut for the first time at the LSA red carpet, a pretty bold move, where she even won an award for best female model. Luckily for her, the online community was very supportive of her choice, unlike with other celebrities, and girls couldn’t help but pour compliments under every picture she would post online thereafter.


First ever standalone hair and make-up show

Setting a precedence in the beauty world this year, Depilex Reveal ‘17, first stand-alone show for hair and make-up trends, was divided into three segments – bridal hair and make-up, hair colour and avant garde hair and make-up. The event saw female models flaunting many futuristic cuts and styles, and a few showing off traditional bridal trends, while the men carried off slick fresh looks with ease. We can expect this initiative to encourage a few other big names to hold similar shows, which may result in progression in styling standards and bring us at par with international beauty trends.

Anushka’s wedding make-up

You don't need to rock a bold lip on your big day. In fact, you can skip the highlighter, fake flashy lashes, and other products that people try to assure you that bride can’t do without on their big day. Anushka Sharma’s wedding announcement shook the world for so many reasons. Going against the conventional look, the actress kept her bridal look extremely minimal, and guess what? People couldn’t stop complimentingher choices. So, thanks to her, may be this year we ladies can realx a bit a take it easy on those beauty products.


From lust-worthy to cringe-worthy, here is what the beauty experts have to say on the latest trends.

1) Most underrated and overrated?
2) A trendsetter of 2017?
3) Someone who could use a stylist?
4) Your personal favourites of the year?
5) A trend that needs to die?
6) Weirdest beauty trend of 2017?
7) What more would you like to see in 2018?

Maliha Rao

Freelance make-up artiste and beauty influencer.

1) I feel Kylie Cosmetics is overrated; the products are not great in quality and are overpriced. As far as underrated products are concerned, there are a few drugstore brands that have performed really well, like wet n wild highlighter and L.A Girl HD Liquid Foundation are amazing. Also, dark long hair is overrated. Short hair looks feminine and good, as well.

2) People were going crazy over Gigi Hadid and Meghan Markle, but I personally have always liked Jennifer Aniston, Emma Stone and Sonam Kapoor’s style.

3) Most celebrities in Pakistan.

4) Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette is my absolute favourite. I like the bottom-heavy eye look as well as colourful eyes. Plus, I totally love my Keratin Complex Serum which I use before curling or straightening my hair. The hair stays set till I wash them.

5) It has been an average year, so none.

6) Feathered eyebrows.

7) Innovation and budget-friendly products. As far as hair trends go, being more acceptable to unconventional colours.

Redah Misbah

Creative Head at Depilex.

1) Underrated: charcoal masks and Revlon Uniq One Hair Treatment. Overrated: bejewelled make-up and nano lights.

2) Guido Palau (British-born hair stylist). Lisa Eldridge (international make-up artiste) has also been an inspiration.

3) Imran Khan.

4) Brushed out brows, Masarrat Misbah Liquid Lipstick in Fuchsia rose, vibrant hair colour and Sea Salt Spray by Label.m.

5) Overdoing the highlighter.

6) Wavy eyebrows.

7) Natural brows, Benefits’ Brow Range, pastel hair colours and Olaplex.