'Tis the Age of Star Media

Tis the age of internet! And with social media in power, the barriers between celebrities and their fans are no more. With the omission of intermediary both the parties can now directly communicate with each other, allowing fans a direct insight into the lives of their favourite stars which they previously only saw onscreen.
While some artistes like Selena Gomez and Emma Watson take to the internet to voice their opinions on certain issues, others use social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram to build an empire for themselves. This is why Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are so popular today; one post from them has the power to take the internet by storm. Here is MAG’s list of the most influential celebs on social media:


Justin catapulted to fame from social media only when his Youtube covers got noticed by a talent manager in 2008. The young starling also uses a lot of Twitter and Facebook to promote his tours and presently has 105 million followers on Twitter and 95.4 million on Instagram.


Currently the most followed person on Instagram, the American singer-cum-actress has 132 million Instagram followers to brag about. The Disney channel alum recently took to her account to reveal that she had a kidney transplant and the touchy post became the third-most liked photo on the block!


The Beyhive is set to build her empire and there is no stopping to this power singer with her 109 million following on Instagram. The photo coupled with the announcement that she was expecting twins in February 2017 bagged 11 million likes, thus becoming the most-liked post with the post announcing the arrival of her twins coming second to it with 10 million likes.


The Nickelodeon alum is the second-most followed star on Instagram but her stardom extends beyond. Following a suicide bomb attack outside her concert in Manchester Arena on May 22, 2017, Grande took to Twitter to communicate directly with her fans, sharing, “Broken. From the bottom of my heart, I am so so sorry. I don’t have words.” The post hit 2.6 million likes and more than a million retweets, becoming one the most retweeted in Twitter’s history.


The social media is where the businesswoman started her career from and now she is the mogul! Kim is ‘breaking the internet’ with her selfies and has also released a book of them, titled Selfish. She rose to fame after the E! reality television series, Keeping Up With the Kardashians and has since built an empire of 105 million followers on Instagram.


Kendal and Kylie are following big sister, Kim’s steps; they too built their careers from social media and are some of the most influential women on it with their remarkable selling prowess. While Kendal transformed her popular Instagram posts into a high fashion career, Kylie successfully turned her massive fan base into consumers when she released Kylie cosmetics in 2015, which became an instant hit amongst her devotees. The Kardashians have also set some unrealistic beauty standards worldwide which their followers can’t help but follow!


The sassy Chrissy cannot be held back; the fiery actress is known for her candour and that is why she has earned more than eight million followers on Twitter. The Lip Sync Battle host has strong political opinions and one of them got her blocked by the President of the United States, Donald Trump, in 2017. She also shares snippets from her personal life with her fans (not to mention delicious food recipes!) on social media, resulting in a following of 15.5 million on Instagram.


This fashion icon is hands down the trendsetter of the year, with more than 59 million followers on Instagram who turn to Rihanna every time they want a heads up on what’s cool and what’s not. Even Tom Ford admits that customers don’t care about reviews or hardcopy publications any more. What they do care about though is what Rihanna has just Instagrammed, what shoes she has on and what she thinks about them. The diva uses her influence rightly by calling out President Trump and spreading awareness about various issues round the globe.


The Roar singer holds the record of being the most-followed person on Twitter, with a following of 108 million, and is doing more from her social media account than propagating her own image. Unlike a lot of celebrities, Katy Perry is known to use her platform for speaking on an array of important issues, raising awareness and contributing to campaigns.


Social media has turned on the savvy marketer in our country girl. Swift uses social media to extensively promote her upcoming projects and also to build a hype around them. Her girl next door image makes her one of the most grounded celebrities of Hollywood, but that does not mean the star lacks a following. The pop singer’s battalion of followers consists of 105 million on Instagram and 85.8 million on Twitter. The star had to lose her most followed celebrity position when she decided to take a break from social media but she continues to be in the top 10.