Rahat Kazmi – No Need for Remorse

Craft is also given to amnesia! But, people do discover themselves in time. And remorse is the first step towards self-discovery. You understand I am talking in the context of globalisation, of course. Otherwise, I was really taken aback, when I read his quote about not doing anything exceptional in life. Yeah. Rahat Kazmi might have done some boring serials like Dhoop Kinare in his life, but that doesn’t mean he is washed up – not by a long shot. For anyone, who saw Rahat’s own dream project adaptation (no matter if it was from that weird woman, Ayn Rand), Teesra Kinara, can ever believe that he was just an ordinary TV artiste. I mean, it was one of the best colour-TV serials during the 80s. If somebody had suggested to any producer or director that he should adapt The Fountainhead, even at that time, he would have waved the idea away as idealistic crap. But, Rahat not only made it, he did a real swell job of it. As if that wasn’t enough, he acted brilliantly in it. And if I can sense right, the Nayyara Noor classic, Kabhi Hum Khubsurat Thay, tells you that he was glancing back to the sensibilities of days gone by. Right on cue, intuitionally, he was pre-empting this age. It was just a few steps back, rushing into the corridors. That’s vision. Subconsciously, yes, but there nonetheless. The time for that reflective, dreamy sensitiveness was slowly drifting away. Well, Teesra Kinara! That’s one positive!