Bagga & Rahat – Do It Again!

That beat-upon-beat sensation that made Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan such a worldwide celebrity, jumped into the slot just before the climax in Shaan’s latest film. And the listless crowd came to life. If Shaan made the best decision this time, it was to cast Sahir Ali Bagga in his film as the tunesmith. Though, he has been encouraged to go for the current fad for easy-going, lilting, filmi stuff in this one, when he turned to his best stuff, the sufistic fusion, he excelled himself. The last two songs of the film are the best. The number, Murshed Ji, where Bagga and Rahat get together, is exhilarating stuff – great combination and some fascinating instruments. For the moment, the mood of the people is Coke Studio. So, whatever fits that format hits the top slot. But, even a better appreciation would be to acknowledge that that’s the best sound in films for us, this year.