Three Cheers for Ushna Shah

Alif Allah Aur Insaan (AAAI) throws up a real winner – yes, Ushna Shah, the girl who has improved out of sight. As I mentioned a couple of weeks back, in the absence of classical characterisation, the conversations (dialogues, if you will) start with the ringtone of a mobile phone. It seems nobody has anything to say in our current drama, if the cell doesn’t ring. So, then, if character traits are also not there, you have just your personal calibre to hang onto. Therefore, it was some brilliant talent that shone from Ushna. She had acted well in other serials too, but this time, it’s the real deal. First a beggar, then a courtesan, and later, a mother. Ushna swapped masks like skins, and put her heart and soul into it. She proved she had come to the screens with the intentions of living the saga. With the amount of teardrop employed in the first phase of AAAI, I thought it was going to be another sob story, but thank God for small favours that Qaisra Hayat did a reasonable job of it. And Ushna did such a realistic act that one has to applaud. Sadly, in the second phase, with new tracks devised for the audiences, the storyline is wobbly like jelly. Now, the twists and turns are arriving with a jolt every two scenes, as if, suddenly the writer has been thrown between shifting gears of an erratic confetti train.