College students develop plug-in to prevent false news


A group of college students have gained attention for designing a plug-in that prevents false news. The plug-in called “Open Mind” was created in a hackathon in Yale University. The winning team comprised of undergraduate students from the University of Waterloo. Open Mind works as an extension for Chrome and is designed to display a warning sign every time it detects false news. Additionally, it can also analyse the existing data and suggest similar stories with alternative viewpoints.

Instagram to start recommending posts

Instagram will now be showing recommended posts on its feed. The feature was tested during the start of December and has quietly gone live recently. Users will now find a new section called “Recommended for You” in the app. The section has been clearly labelled to separate it from Instagram’s home feed. While this is not the first time Instagram has introduced recommended content, you will no longer have to head over to the Explore section.

WhatsApp to discontinue support on some older phones

WhatsApp had recently announced that it will be discontinuing support for a number of devices in the near future. According to an announcement posted on WhatsApp’s support page, users with a Windows Phone 8.0 and older, BlackBerry OS & 10, and Nokia s40 will no longer be able to re-verify or create new accounts. However, users can still continue to use the app on these devices but it should be noted that some features may not work properly.

Apple’s Lisa operating system to be revived

Computer enthusiasts will now have the opportunity to check out one of the world’s first graphical user interfaces for free. All thanks to the efforts of the Computer History Museum. According to a software curator at the museum, a source code of Lisa has been retrieved which is currently being reviewed by Apple. Once the code has been reviewed, it will be made available for everybody in 2018. Back in 1983, the original Lisa computer was priced at $10,000.