Kangana happy to let go of this industry?

Kangana Ranaut is one actress who is known for holding her ground. She doesn't scare easily and she certainly doesn't believe in mincing her words. In a recent interview, when the actress was asked about her agenda, she said, "Most people expect me to be like, now that you're promoting [the film], just stick to your business. But the point is, who are you tell me what my business is? If I am entirely here only for movies then why did I reject Khan films? Why don't I care to work with Karan Johar? I am here in the capacity of a woman, and my personality as a woman is a lot more valuable to me than my films. So I have to make sure that when somebody points a finger at my character as a woman, I’ve got to respond to that."

The Queen star further explained the meaning of being a successful actor. She stated, "What is the definition of success? I want to ask a successful person. If you crawl in your little hell hole, and you do not have a voice, you're scared of losing whatever little you have earned in life, you are the most unsuccessful person." Kangna concluded by saying, "Their (actors’) lives are very limited. And that's why I am more than happy to let go of this industry. I always say, if I stay, good for them, if I don't, good for me! This kind of freedom also comes from the fact that I'm ready to move into another phase of my life, which can comprise [of] anything."