‘Ambition and feminism have turned into bad words’

When asked about her career, Priyanka Chopra always replies with "I'm a girl doing her job," but we all know that behind all that success, she's the one steering the wheel. In a recent interview, the actress shared that her ambition has led her to where she is. "I'm extremely ambitious and I think it's a really great quality for girls to have. Somehow, ambition and feminism have turned into bad words, and they're not," she said. In PC's opinion, ambition is "wanting to be the best version of yourself," something that she "learned over time." Though she has faced a few uncertain moments in the past, but she would "never say 'no' to anything." She mentioned how the actor deliberated her decision for six months before signing on the 2008 critically acclaimed film Fashion. "I wasn't sure about myself (of taking up the complex role) whether I'd be able to do justice to the role or not. But [director Madhur Bhandarkar] showed immense confidence in me, and I finally said yes."

The Quantico star is a “big believer in desitiny.” She concluded, "I really feel like there has to be a bigger picture planned for each one of us. You get in life what you need, not what you want. If you have the ability to recognise those opportunities, life can be pretty all right."