PC fulfils her parents’ dream by becoming a doctor

Priyanka Chopra was awarded an honorary doctorate degree last month in her hometown by the Bareilly International University. Talking about the honour, the actress opened up, "Mom aaj bahut khush hongi, and I think my dad made it happen! Because it was their life's dream for me to become a doctor, and then I didn't. My dad would have been most excited [today]."

Talking about higher studies and education, the Barfi! star shared, "I never wanted to be a doctor, anyway! I had blood phobia and would faint [at the sight of blood]. I like numbers and physics, and wanted to be an engineer more than anything. I've been offered honorary doctorates before, a couple of times. But, this was from the International University. Bareilly is my hometown, it's where my roots are. That's what's more special."