‘It has been proven that no one can take stardom for granted’

Salman Khan agrees that the presence of a superstar in a movie does not assure that the film will be a success. The actor said, “People used to say earlier ‘Salman sirf khara ho jayega screen pe toh movie chal jayegi’. Thinking about how his second last movie Tubelight didn't do well at the box office, the Dabangg star said, "It has been proven that no one can take stardom for granted. The casting of a star doesn't mean the film will run. [The failure of] my last release proved that. So, there is a pressure [to perform] at all times."

Salman added, "Whenever my fans watch my movie, they want to have a great time. With Tubelight, they were shocked. They were crying, hurt and disturbed, as they couldn't digest the fact that someone was beating their bhai, and that I was crying. So, even though they watched it in theatres, they didn't go back again. The film lacked the repeat value that Sultan or Bajrangi Bhaijaan had. The fact that it hit screens during the festive period was another dampener. It's a beautiful project, but it should not have released on a festival. I had warned people to not expect dhamaal and masti."