Fabric fantasies

• For the western-minded chicas, more laid-back and easy-going fabrics are in the offing. Both, plaid and Denim will remain strong supporters to your style and comfort this year.

• For lighter fabrics, skip organza – that is old news. Net and crochet detailing on hemlines is what you want to go for. Add the motifs on light fabrics and let them shine through.

• Reach for sparkling pieces, sequin dresses and glittering outfits for formal events. The louder and the showier, the better. Balance out the proportions and the overall look by keeping hair, make-up and accessories to a minimum.

• Remixed prints will also introduce an element of fun in every wardrobe. Shake things up with bold, contrasting prints. Not sure where to start? Play it safe by sticking to a uniform colour palette for various patterns, or test out the same print in multiple tones.

Style like nobody else

• Red carpets and ramps this year will be full of wrap dresses and draping silhouettes. One might even notice fashionistas using fabric waist belts to introduce this trend into their looks.

• For casual, day looks, rely on classic button-down shirts with skinny or boot cut jeans.

• Necklines are going to bear a lot of experiments this year. Tight, collars, boat necks, shirt collars are a few styles that will be popular. We predict, or may be just wish, that bows find a way in there, as well.

Make the cut

• An update to the off-the-shoulder and cut out trend, deconstructed sleeves will also be a rage this year. Embroidered cuffs, wide cuts, puffy details, all will be tried and tested.

• Wide-leg cuts are the trouser trend that just won’t let go, and it looks like they are here to stay through 2018. From wide-leg cropped trousers and high-waist paper-bag pants to ones with embellished cuffs, you will see plenty of these cool and comfortable bottoms.

• We predict celebs will enjoy wearing coats and blazers on the red carpet and while travelling. Designers may even take to this trend to the runways and play around a bit with them. But you don’t have to wait for all that to happen. You can easily incorporate different lengths and cuts of this separate into your everyday look.

Shady business

• Come the end of winter, designers will flood the fashion bazaars with pastel hues. With spring then summers, a wedding season and Eid festivities approaching us before the seasonal mood changes altogether, we will have loads of powder shades to flaunt.

• Thanks to the craze of Anushka’s wedding wardrobe, feminine and softer shades are making waves in the fashion world. The deeper hues will definitely be taking a backseat. Even the bold colours will be neglected in favour of lighter tones of the same.

Season appropriate

• In 2018, we predict you’ll see florals and lots of it! No surprise there since we are bombarded by different digital prints every summer. But shake things up a bit this year by mixing two bold prints together. This can be an intimidating style to pull off. The key to carrying it like a pro is to anchor both the prints by a common element, like a shade that is present in both.

• Come end of summer, fall-favourite fringes will definitely crawl back into our wardrobes, and we are not complaining! Get your fringe pants, tops, bags, shoes and accessories out, or wait till that time of

the year for some inspiration and invest in a few new pieces.

• Even though winters hardly stay around for about two proper months, ladies like to invest in their winter looks and make an entirely different wardrobe for it. Velvet dresses were on the rise last year and we are sure no one has had enough of it yet, so the fabric is set to make a return in winters. But if you want to look different, experiement with cozy corduroy, vivacious velvet’s neglected brother.