Farhan Akhtar is happy with the direction Bollywood films are taking

Bollywood films chronicling small town lives and real issues are scoring big at the box office, and Farhan Akhtar has noticed the pattern, too. The Karthik Calling Karthik leading man said, “It has been a very different kind of a year (for Bollywood). The films that have performed well and even been appreciated seem to be talking about our issues, dwelling less in fantasy and more in reality," adding, “I feel like it's a very good thing that those films have worked but I don’t think that it is the death of escapist cinema at all.” The actor believes that the shift suggests that the audience want their “time and money should be respected”.

Farhan’s latest film, Lucknow Central is set against the backdrop of a prison, where five convicts who have been given life imprisonment form a music band. “When I heard the story, I was amazed by it! The fact that these guys have a proper booking counter, blew me away. They leave the jail, go out, perform and come back. It's amazing," he revealed. He also said that he watched a documentary made on the inmates to understand their life and also watched them play live.