Letters To The Editor

“Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia.”– Charles M. Schulz

We need competent invigilators

Once the exam season begins, it is not uncommon to find multiple posts on social media about students cheating in exams. While these students must be held accountable for their mistakes, the authorities, schools and teachers should not swift away from accepting their share of responsibility as well. A child would never cheat under the supervision of a strict invigilator or if he understood the consequences of his actions. The government should invest in competent invigilators as they are most required. They should be given training on how to handle such situations. Schools and colleges must also take appropriate measures to ensure students are not able to carry mobile phones and other gadgets inside the examination hall.

Furthermore, strict actions should be taken against students who cheat in their exams or bribe invigilators.

Faiza Naseem,

Promoting new stars

I enjoyed reading MAG’s annual issue. It was great to read about all the new, upcoming stars who have been able to make a mark in the industry. Unlike before, we got to see a lot of new faces on television in 2017 which is great! However, there is still room for improvement. We need more talent shows to promote growing artistes and provide them the exposure and training required to succeed. Apart from acting, modelling and singing, Pakistan could also use more culinary competitions for aspiring chefs. There are many youngsters who are eager to become a part of the booming industry but they lack training and don’t have the right resources to succeed.

Bina Waseem,

Pollution everywhere

Without a doubt, Karachi, a metropolitan city is undergoing drastic environmental changes. There was a hailstorm some weeks back but that only hints upon how unwell mother earth has been. There is a dire need for the authorities to notice how adversely our environment is being affected by our notion of 'development' and do something to put an end to it. They can start by planting more trees and using more environmental friendly fuels to produce energy. Plastic bags can be replaced with paper and water wastage can be kept to a minimum.

Additionally, factories should not be constructed near residential areas to prevent people from getting ill. Together, we need to take more steps to improve the environment. There was hardly any rain in Karachi in 2017 and if we don’t start planting trees, 2018 will not be any different.

Nadeem Qureshi,

Several wedding halls demolished in Karachi

Over the last couple of weeks, several wedding halls have been demolished in lieu of anti-encroachment drive by Karachi Development Authority (KDA). The demolished buildings were constructed illegally. While it is commendable that the concerned authorities took such measures, many families were left deprived of a marriage venue with very short notice to make alternate arrangements. This caused the families unnecessary stress and worry before the big day. Future brides and grooms and their relatives had to rush to find a hall on an urgent notice. This scenario could easily have been avoided if the government had issued a list of venues that have been constructed illegally. Most marriage halls need to be booked at least weeks if not months in advance while families are also asked to pay an exuberant fee. The government should take necessary steps to combat land mafia and other people who construct buildings illegally to prevent similar events from happening in future.

Tahira Hussain,