Zayn Malik is as popular for his style as he is for his music. Since his debut on the X Factor, the youth icon’s style has evolved a great deal. As the king of grunge and dark colours, Zayn owns all you need for the hip look. His style plays to his rebel reputation. Here are the fashion lessons you can steal from Zayn’s style.

Work your shape

Zayn works the body shape he has. As a slim guy, he picks out great shirt and blazer combos that work to broaden his chest – without looking exaggerated. For him, double-breasted jackets and waistcoats work perfectly. For slim guys like Zayn, this is a great way of creating that visual illusion to create a fuller look. But if you are a bigger guy, you can create that same, streamlined effect by opting for a slim fitting blazer that creates great definition.

Embrace the statement

Don’t be afraid to rock a statement piece. Whether it’s a classic bandana, an attention grabbing tee, or a bold printed shirt – wear it with confidence. Zayn perfectly demonstrates how to do this – by balancing his statement style with a whole load of restraint. This incredible graphic printed shirt is paired brilliantly to give a clean, minimalistic look – letting it do all the talking. When you've got a killer shirt, let it steal the spotlight from all your other pieces.

Go monochrome

Head to toe in one shade is not a good idea. Here’s what you can learn from Zayn – break it up by going for a tonal look within a single colour palette. He layers up black and grey like a subtle pencil drawing – sleek and shiny leather lace ups, jet black skinny denim and a well-worn, faded grey tee. You can work this with more than just black – in fact, working a single colour in this way looks even more impressive. Start off with safer shades like green or blue.

Sport black

Zayn is no stranger to rocking black attire; as we have so often seen him in styles that create the best statements. Black is a colour which is simple yet holds power for your style; really living to the notion of less being more. The key with black attire is to mix up textures, adding pieces which feature subtle prints to create that little bit of effortless versatility.

Get booted

Zayn’s career has seen his feet adorned in boots. He launched his own footwear collection with fashion giant Giuseppe Zanotti; showcasing his adoration with everything stylish. He is not 6ft yet always looks sleek and tall because boots allow his silhouette to extend. Boots can be styled into a variety of outfits, and for a simple formal look, team a pair of leather Chelsea boots with an all-black suit.


Zayn is no stranger to a suave signature accessory or two; the key with styling accessories is to remember your personal taste. Begin slow and small when you first dive into the world of men’s jewellery. Always ask yourself one question: What do you want your jewellery to say about you?

Experiment with your hair

Zayn has a strong and stylish hair game. We have seen him rock the signature quiff from his early years, statement man bun, bleached blonde, cute, pink quiff, green hair and now, he is bald. Not every style worked for Zayn but we certainly respect the man for giving them a try. The key is to know the hairstyles that co-ordinate well with your face shape and being brave enough to experiment.

Ditch the tie

Zayn has been swapping out the formality of wearing a neck tie for statement collared shirts, fine-gauge roll necks and even neckerchiefs that give a more modern feel. If you really want to edge your evening look, ditch the tie and opt for something unconventional just like Zayn.

Don the jacket

The jacket look does wonders for the singer. In his down time, he opts for a casual bomber. Contrasting sleeves have become a thing for him and gives him the opportunity to play around with styles and colours. When he’s dressed up, he goes for something a bit smarter – a long overcoat for example. When he is out on the streets with his supermodel girlfriend, he opts for a denim jacket. Pick the right jacket keeping in mind the weather and your physique.

Shirt or no shirt?

While Zayn does wear his fair share of shirts, most of the time he actually mixes things up and ditches the shirt. When he’s in a suit, he’s been known to ditch a classic white shirt in favour of a roll neck or floral shirt. Try this yourself if you fancy mixing up your suiting.