Le Grand Musée du Parfum


A short stroll from Le Bristol along the gallery-lined boulevard Rue de Foubourg Saint-Honoré, a pit stop at an immaculate 19th century mansion ignites a dormant interest in ‘parfum’ within us. Founded on the one principle to enjoy a lighthearted journey through the history and science of perfume and scent making, together with brilliant video and graphic content, we learn how France remains the leader in fragrances. From the ancient Egyptians, via the Industrial Revolution, to present day and beyond, sniff your way through a remarkably well-curated collection.

Making the invisible obvious, presenting an intangible legacy of perfume in the rooms of a museum, is the challenge accepted by this museum, sweeping visitors deep into a memorable experience of sense, emotion, pleasure and understanding. The Museum intends to establish an initial, fundamental understanding of olfaction to help all visitors better appreciate how the sense of smell functions. The building at 73 Faubourg Saint-Honoré has always been a monument in and of itself in an elegant, luxurious world, a symbol of French art de vivre and, recently, an important establishment in the world of French fashion.

This very mansion, sometimes referred to as Moreau-Nélaton, has had a fascinating and tempestuous past: it bears traces of the many modifications and improvements carried out over the centuries by its successive owners, each intent on satisfying various vocations and visions, but which, gratifyingly, have not distorted the structure’s harmonious aesthetics.