One Man Tango

First person

Co-written by celebrity author Daniel Paisner, One Man Tango is Oscar winner Anthony Quinn’s life story. The veteran actor came back with another exercise to reveal himself by covering some of the same ground as in The Original Sin (1972) and brought his life story up to date. He appeared to be obsessed by the aging process, which isn’t too unusual for actors. The framing apparatus for this more or less chronological account is his demanding daily bike ride through the hills and villages surrounding his Italian home. He used the outing as an opportunity to ruminate on the painful reality of losing friends, roles, and abilities with the passage of time. It is when he embarks on telling the story of his past, the autobiography gives flashes of actual insight. The actor talks about growing up dirt-poor with his mother in El Paso, while his father went through many hard, low-paying jobs before stepping into the film business, inadvertently. Quinn himself has held a fair number of unusual jobs, as well.