How to: Store your make-up right

Your complete guide to arranging and organising your beauty must-haves
  • 13 Jan - 19 Jan, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Beauty

Even a small amount of make-up can make your vanity case look messy and cluttered. If you are over the top then you would probably want to arrange make-up together by product, by brand, and then by colour. A well-maintained vanity case can really be a beautiful thing because make-up addicts, by rule, often tend to get too busy to keep their treasure trove looking absolutely terrific.

Here are some unconventional ways to organise your beauty products using things you probably already own. So, say good bye to your messy make-up drawers. These super-smart solutions will help you clear clutter, so you will never lose another eyeshadow or nail polish again.

1. Acrylic storage box: When you cram your cosmetics into drawers and cabinets, it can be very hard to find what you are looking for. Use clear acrylic drawers, so you can scan without digging through 20 different lip glosses.

2. Divide and rule: Drawer dividers make your make-up drawer look instantly organised. Take it a step further by grouping together similar items: store lip products together, blushes together by consistency, creams and powders separately. Go a step further by arranging them to close shades, meaning all pink blushes should stay together, all green eyeshadows together, and so forth.

3. Recycle: Want to keep your make-up brushes organised in a pretty way but don’t want to buy new things to get your room in order? Try repurposing items you have. Use pretty mason jars or empty candle holders to keep your brushes and mascara in line. While travelling, toss your eye-brushes into a sunglasses’ case, so you won’t lose them, and you can put dry brushes into zip-lock bags when on the go.

4. Racking: Use a spice rack as a shelf for your perfume bottles. They are easy to decorate and act as great beauty room décor with glittering glass perfume bottles on top.

6. Magazine holder: If you have a lot of eye-shadow palettes that vary in sizes, use magazine holders to get them sorted, or a desk file organiser to display and store them. This way, you can arrange them even closer to shade spectrum.

5. Kitchenware: Separate your eyeliners and mascara on a dish organiser to arrange your make-up drawer. You could use it to store your eye make-up brushes and further divide them by blending brush, pack on brush, eyeliner brush and so on.

7. Zpalette: Many of you might have single eyeshadows, so try to depot these and place them in an empty make-up storage case like Zpalette. These can be used for powder blushes, bronzers and high-lighters as well. Another easy way: stick your eyeshadow singles into ice tray slots, so you can see all the shades at once.

8. Tiffin boxes: Line your drawers with plastic food containers, which are super affordable and come in clear varieties, to neatly organise cotton balls, sponges and other make-up application tools.

9. Beverage bottle: Stack your hair ties on a pretty, decorative glass bottle. You can repurpose smooth or even indented plastic water bottles for this, but you might have to chuck those for recycling every few weeks.

10. Cake and bake: You could still own the most amazing collection of cake stands even if you don’t bake. You could use them purely for stacking your beauty products. They sit very beautiful on the vanity table and make it easy for one to clean them up over the weekend.