Majid Jahangir Asking for Help

The man was a part of the greatest skits show ever on our TV. And most of that great stuff came from Ismail Tara and Majid Jahangir. If it was not for Fifty Fifty, which has a great recall factor, we wouldn’t even know what a skits show was. Sadly, we possess minimal recall factor for our artistes, who kept us entertained and smiling for years. Today, terribly ill, Majid Jahangir is asking for government’s help. I hope some of it is forthcoming. Majid’s right arm and leg are not working due to his medical condition. He has nothing left to carry on his treatment. The only way left for him to survive this ordeal is for the government to foot his health bill. God knows why producers, sponsors, rich entrepreneurs, government officials, bureaucrats etc. haven’t been able to start just one Artistes Endowment Fund or Trust that could ensure that their last days would pass relatively better. Actually, Majid left for the States quite a few years back, like another famous comic, Khalid Nizami, who worked in Haseena Moin’s Shehzori and Uncle Urfi. Unlike Nizami, who did relatively well in the foreign land, Majid couldn’t keep himself active. Back in his home country, he hardly worked in any important serials as was the case with other comics like Khalid Saleem Mota, who just survived, working in ordinary productions. Seems like we have unlearned smiling traits.