New Pak Cinema – Wishful Thinking?

Thuds sounded late last year – flops by Syed Noor and Shaan Shahid; and bad result for Rangreza too. More horrifying, if some biz buzzers are to be believed, when they entered the halls at the showing of Chupan Chupai, lots of seats were empty. Maybe, our reporter friends were attending the last show on a wintry night, but it’s a bit unnerving. I am sure CC would make it at the box office, since it seems to have that zip that was missing in earlier light-hearted movies. Parchi’s stunning girl, Hareem Farooq in a tight-fitting role, one really wants it to make it big, since she is a new and promising producer too. And we need many more such producers in our new cinema, desperately. But, what’s going on, man? Why are we making such heavy weather of it? We have the new cameras, the new machines, some talented young artistes, best of new musicians etc. – then why? I mean, Sarmad Sehbai earned some big crores with a total art movie, Mah-e-Mir a couple of years back, with a post-modern study of Mir Taqi Mir, and absolutely torrid literary criticism in between. Yet, the audience for the film suddenly appeared from nowhere. If they can appreciate that… I mean what can I say, maybe we are not making good films. This new verve and curve shouldn’t fail, anyhow. We need all the effort, and lots of mahurats, before 2018 is out. Otherwise, the revival is just wishful thinking! •