Guys & Gals ’Tis the Wedding Season

As the para fell, and the Siberian winds entered the business city, the biz players were hit with the love bug! Or should I say ‘the wedding bug’? Well, the guys and gals of domestic drama are going gaga over the wintry wedding season, it seems. They are, perhaps, so infatuated with the current trends of one-line stories that they are jumping into the real-life bandwagons. A few weeks back, I heard the news that the talented girl in the TV serial, Khamoshi, is being very vocal about her marriage. She is the daughter of Asma Abbas. Yes, pretty Zara Noor Abbas, playing ‘the patience personified’ maid, is to be married to Asad Siddiqui, a known TV actor in Karachi, who is Adnan Siddiqui’s nephew. That was a surprise, since Zara has recently begun her career. Then, it was the most promising, young actor, Haris Waheed of the controversial drama serial on the vani women, Sammi. He has bound himself in wedlock with his fellow actress in the serial, whose name is Maryam Fatima; both look on cue for fruitful careers, and a happy married life – it could be a fantastic 2018. It’s no midsummer night’s dream, but a wacko wintry wedding. Now, the biz sleuths tell us, it is Saba Qamar announcing that there’s someone very special in her life, and she is also ready steady to walk down the aisle in a pristine white bridal gown. However, Saba has refuted such rumours.