Zubaida Apa A Loving Heart

Sweetest of person on the tube, Zubaida Apa injected in the channels something called old-school mannerism. It’s as if she was keeping her best dishes on the back burner, while she infused the recipe a chutkee of her ethical, ghareloo advice. Just a smattering of that talee huee piyaz – and that tarka, that chatkhara was not contributed by anybody else on the channels – that was her special ingredient. While the channels lost a great cooking expert, although that would be rude because she was family; audiences all over the country felt they are now missing a shafeeq, loving heart. For Anwar Maqsood, that was the loss of his second sister – Fatima Surayya Bajia and Zubaida Apa, both experts in their own fields.