Presenting Colour Of The Year: Ultra Violet

The Pantone Institute aims at giving a strategic direction for the world of trend and design, and in doing so, comes out with colour of the year annually to inspire artists around the world. This year, the institute has given us a new challenge – the colour of the year is ultra violet! Till the designers start to experiment with the sultry blue-based hue, here are some ways you can incorporate the shade in your wardrobe.

Use white as a clean canvas

This stunning shade of violet eludes royalty, adding grace to practically any outfit the colour is paired with. Add neutral colours to the equation such as white, black and beige for an elegant look. Use white as a clean canvas to play with chunky jewellery or opt for more traditional pieces, depending on your attire. Ultra violet, when combined with traditional golden gota, looks absolutely regal, and will create the perfect look for this wedding season.

Be as vibrant as can be
Ultra violet pairs interestingly well with contrasting shades such as burnt orange, emerald green and so on. Experiment with a bunch of colours to see what works best for you. Vibrant shades of orange are perfect for festive occasions such as Mehndis where you’d want to dance your heart out. However, if you are headed to a formal event, opt for something a bit more low-key.

Invest in separates
Sometimes, playing it simple can actually pay off. Throw on an ultra violet waistcoat to turn a plain and simple shalwar kameez to something worth bragging about. Keep it classy with a wrist watch and a pocket square. For extra points, ensure your wrist watch matches your shoes. Proper fitting is also key to pulling off this look; after all, you don’t want to look shabby.

Play with fabrics
Mix and match differing fabrics to uplift your final look. Throw on a beige or cream chiffon shirt with embroidery on the sleeves over a satin ultra violet top and a lehenga to match. Alternatively, you can also use fabrics, such as velvet, according to your personal taste and style.

Try three piece suits
Nothing looks classier on a gentleman than a well-tailored three piece suit! Opt for a dapper ultra violet one that will turn heads for all the right reasons. Throw in a pocket square with a stylish pair of black shoes. Remember, it’s all about confidence. If you aren’t ready to take the plunge yet, add a hint of colour to your wardrobe by opting for an ultra violet bowtie, to start with.

Accessorise smartly
Last but not the least; never underestimate the importance of accessorising. The right accessories can turn your otherwise boring outfit into something more adventurous. Opt for an ultra violet tie or even a leather bag if you’re feeling a bit chirpy. A bright pair of shoes is also a good option if you want to play it safe. However, be careful not to go too overboard and lay off the bright hues if you’re headed to a formal event.

Go crazy with metallics
Who says every bride needs to stick to the norm of wearing red on her big day? Ultra violet pairs well with metallic shades such as copper, silver, bronze and gold. Select a dress that is heavily embellished in floor-length embroidery, threadwork or strewn in pearls. Balance the look with a stunning pair of high heels and earrings to match.