MAG gets in touch with some top notch couturiers for a rundown on the past trends and the ones to come.

1. An underrated piece/style last year?
2. An overrated piece/style?
3. What trend do you want to see dying this year?
4. What do you want to see more of in 2018?
5. How do you see men's/women's silhouettes changing this year?
6. Keeping fashion in mind, describe 2017 in a word? One word for 2018?
7. A trendsetter of 2017?

For the gents

Zaheer Abbas

1. White shirts.
2. Over-ripped denim.
3. Everything that was “trending.”
4. Personality.
5. It’s not going to change at all, especially in Pakistan.
6. 2017: Past, 2018: Future.
7. None.

Amir Adnan

1. Cowls and drapes.
2. Plain black waistcoats.
3. The chequered shirts/pants.
4. I want to place greater emphasis on volume and layering. So I'd love to see a look created out of multiple garments rather than a uniformed one-piece.
5. A lot of drapes, cowls and layering will be making a comeback.
6. A phrase would do more justice: Out with the old, in with the new.
7. For me, it would be an everyday man who incorporated fashion trends in his wardrobe.

Emraan Rajput

1. There is nothing wrong with playing the kurta casual with a fitted pair of jeans. You can take the look to a new level whole new edgy level by adding a waistcoat in the equation. A pocket square and a pair of cool shades won’t do any harm either. For greater impact, match your shoes with your waistcoat.

2. 90's trend isn’t always a good idea. If you've ever worn a choker, you know its itchy and uncomfortable. Let’s be honest, it is more or less like a dog collar.

3. Even though black and white are very traditional colours for menswear, monotone can sometimes look very boring and well, monotonous.

4. Well in 2018, I’ve a plan to use vibrant colours as well as the use of deep and royal blues and an interesting contrast of gold for embroidery for some of our favourite outfits! And want to bring a little brightness to menswear wedding looks while keeping the colours on the darker side, so it wouldn’t look too flashy and flamboyant.

5. Royalty will be back in bridal menswear. The silhouettes will complement royal history of the sub-continent, exuding luxury but at the same time sticking to eastern and classy roots, so the results would be a representation of the eastern aesthetic at its best.

6. 2017 was embellished, and maybe 2018 will be androgynous.

7. Danish Taimoor, Bilal Abbas Khan & Muneeb Butt.

For the ladies

Maheen Kardar

1. The power suit.
2. Yet more ball gowns.
3. Crystal encrusted pastels.
4. Signature pieces from design houses.
5. I feel clean, sharp and short will make a comeback.
6. 2017: Constant, 2018: Definitive.
7. Khadija Rehman. (Creative Director of Generation).

Uzma Babar

1. Structured jackets.
2. Peplums.
3. Again, peplum.
4. Structured silhouettes.
5. Fashion would lean towards more flowy cuts, with addition in length.
6. 2017 was modern with traditional cuts, 2018 would be more into silhouettes and drapes.
7. Gigi Hadid.

Huma Adnan

1. Back-detailing.
2. Capes.
3. Flimsy, boxed capes are something that I really want to get rid of!
4. In terms of accessories, I'd say embellished head-gears. In terms of outfits, classy cropped jackets to jazz up your wardrobe.
5. I think we're moving towards outfits that are androgynous yet sexy. I can envision a lot of boardroom suits, cropped tops and flared trousers.
6. 2017: Mundane, 2018: Revolutionised.
7. Noor Khan.