Letters To The Editor

"Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm."
– Earl Nightingale

Where is our film industry headed?

After reading all the insightful movie reviews published in MAG, it’s clear that we did not have many hits in 2017. While the New Year seems promising, one cannot help but feel a bit sceptical. It’s worth noticing that our writers need to focus on building strong characters that can have an impact on our audience. Most lead protagonists shown on films and television lack a compelling back story or simply lack personality. This makes it difficult for the audience to relate to the characters shown on the silver screen.

In such cases, it would not matter how wonderful the actor was or how brilliant their performance was. Writers, producers and directors should work together to create stronger roles that would captivate the audience and urge them to think. Without the right framework, even the most talented actors would find it impossible to breathe life into their characters. On the other hand, it is great how critics are continuously providing constructive feedback that can help uplift our entertainment industry in the future.

Shaheen Ali,

Stop animal cruelty

Animals like human beings need to be loved and looked after. Unfortunately, in our city, it is not uncommon to find people chasing away or beating stray cats and dogs. Animals such as donkeys are also beaten up by their owners and treated badly. While a few animal shelters have been set up around the country, we need to spread more awareness to end animal cruelty. Residents should also be advised not to beat up stray animals that live on the streets.

Faisal Rehman,

Losing a legend

The death of Zubaida Apa has formed a cloud of gloom over the internet, particularly on social media. Known for her delicious recipes and home remedies, Zubaida Apa was one of the most celebrated and watched cooking experts on television. Several thousands of people have learned to cook by watching her shows and reading her recipe books. It just goes to show that Pakistan needs more cooking mentors who can inspire the youth and encourage them to pursue culinary arts.

While there are many renowned culinary institutes in the country, we need more experts who can devote their time to this cause and raise better chefs. Parents should also encourage their children to pursue culinary arts if that’s where their true interest lies. Additionally, boys should not be discouraged from becoming chefs if that’s what they really wish.

Ali Raza,

We need more bookworms

While our city has its share of bookstores and annual literature festivals, we still need to put in more effort to revive a love for literature in our society. It is upsetting how most school libraries are not well equipped and don’t offer a wide genres of books. We need to work on inculcating reading habits among our youth. Books should be introduced at a young age while schools should also focus on creating age-appropriate reading lists that children can read during vacations or during their free time. It’s also important to realise that since everybody may not enjoy the same kind of book, children should be introduced to various genres so that they do not get bored. Parents can also take the initiative by reading bedtime stories to their kids from a young age; this might help instil a habit of reading even when their kids grow older.

Saba Sheikh,