Mehwish Goes Mighty & Majestic With A New Look

Known for her fiery and boundless spirit, if we can expect experimentation from anyone, it is definitely Mehwish Hayat. The lioness has just chopped off her beautiful locks, provoking a gasp-of-horror turned into a gasp-of-awe from her fans, and for all the right reasons. With her megawatt smile and entrancing presence on screen, Mehwish Hayat has enjoyed an enviable streak of box office hits over the past few years. The actress-turned-singer is no stranger to the limelight and is the face of numerous brands. She catapulted to fame after her iconic dance number, Billi in Na Maloom Afraad (2014). Whether she is starring in a movie or dancing in an award show, the glamour girl never fails to captivate her audience with her amazing star power. Her electric energy is contagious which is probably why fans cannot help but flock around her for selfies or to merely catch a glimpse of the super star.

The beautiful diva has recently taken to limelight with her new tresses going shorter and darker. The recent avatar has an air of Bohemian festivity to it and we are not complaining. She sure knows how to pull off every style – very successfully at that. For as much as we love seeing the actress in her beautiful mane, the denizens of internet are going as gaga over her short hair. The actress is one of the few celebs to be showered so profusely with praises for her pixie cut. With her aquiline nose, full pout and chiselled face cut, Mehwish is bound to mesmerise the audience and spice things up with her new hair in all kinds of ensemble. We honestly cannot wait to see mighty Hayat sporting her new look in her upcoming projects. After all, is that too much to ask?
– MAG Editorial Desk

Hair, make-up, styling & photography: Akif Ilyas
Coordination: Umer Mushtaq