Heat Of The Moment

Around the world

The impact of climate change on the environment is widely reported but less discussed are its effects on human health. Below is an insight to it.

Global CO2 Level

The highest global CO2 level was recorded in November 2017, at 407.22 ppm – the highest on record in 650,000 years

Global warming impairs public health

Transmission of dengue fever since 1950 due to global warming UP 9.4%

An additional 125 million people were exposed to heat waves from 2000-16

3,500 people died due to a severe heat in 2017 in India and Pakistan where the wet-blub temperature was at 50 oC

Global outdoor labour reduced by 5.3% from 2000 to 2016

$129 billion of global economic losses resulted from 797 climate-related events in 2016

By 2100, an extra 1.4 billion drought events and 2-3 billion flood accidents will take place