American Prince – A Memoir

First person

He was the Golden Age’s Golden Boy. With his debonair and dashing looks, Tony Curtis stepped onto the scene in a blaze of celluloid and bright lights. His charm and good looks accompanied by his natural ability to act earned him fame, praise and female fans – even Elvis copied his look and Beatles put him on a cover of their album, Curtis had seen the best of stardom. However, his life as a Hollywood actor brought him both unbeatable highs as well as devastating lows. In this captivating, frank autobiography, Curtis shares the pain and delight of a private life among the public. He revisits his colossal body of work and entertains readers with tales of his friendship with Frank Sinatra, Laurence Olivier, and director Billy Wilder, as well as those of his many love interests. Written with grace and humour, the memoir shows what living the life of one’s dreams actually is.