Sweet Cravings

  • 20 Jan - 26 Jan, 2018
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Nutritional Profile

Sugar provides 387 calories per 100gm; 2mg of potassium, 1mg of sodium and 100g of carbohydrate.

Interesting facts

· Children are sometimes prescribed a sugar pill marketed under the name of ‘Obecalp’, for minor complaints. When a doctor prescribes ‘Obecalp’, a pharmacist knows exactly what to do. Just read it backwards.

· Having a sweet tooth is not always just an excuse to eat too much candy. Scientists have found that some individuals have genetic variations that affect their production of a hunger hormone called ghrelin, which makes them want to eat more sugar.

· Tooth decay isn’t caused by sugar, it’s caused by the bacteria that feeds off the sugar. These bacteria will actually feed off any carbohydrate.

· The first artificial sweetner was discovered by scientists trying to create a new insecticide. Apparently, a research assistant who misunderstood the instructions to test the new compound thought he had been told to taste it and discovered that it tasted sweet.

· Sugar is the main component of the fuel used in rockets by amateur rocket enthusiasts. If you burn sucrose with some corn syrup and saltpetre, you get sugar propellant, which is used to power small rockets.


Eating sugar can accelerate the aging process of cells. In a study, scientists found that excess consumption of sugar can result in loss of memory and reduction in overall mental agility.