104-year-old woman says diet beverage is the secret to her long life

  • 20 Jan - 26 Jan, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
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A 104-year-old woman, Theresa Rowley, has revealed that her secret to living a long life is drinking lots of Diet Coke. The Grand Rapids, Michigan resident recently celebrated her 104th birthday with friends at the Sentinel Pointe Retirement Community where she has been residing for the last 15 years.

“When I was 100, I thought I’d never be 104. I thought I’d pass away by that time but it just didn’t happen. Here I am 104, and still nothing happens,” Theresa said.

The care home residents believe that the reason she has had such a long life is because she drinks at least one can of diet soda everyday.

“I drink it because I like it,” she said when talking about her addiction to the fizzy drink.

However, scientists would not agree with the belief which correlates the diet beverage consumption’s to her longevity, otherwise linked to obesity as well as chronic diseases.

In 2017, Imperial College London’s review argued that there is “no solid evidence” that low-calorie sweeteners are any better for weight-loss than full-sugar drinks and challenged the idea that such beverages are in any way healthier; while, a study of U.S. adults published in the American Journal of Public Health showed that 22 per cent of adults who were obese drank diet beverages.