Can’t get out of bed? You’re probably smarter than everyone else, study suggests

  • 20 Jan - 26 Jan, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
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There’s good news for all the sleepyheads out there, According to science, you’re probably smarter and happier than early risers. However, there’s a fair chance of you being super lazy, this study states.

The study titled, Why Night Owls Are More Intelligent, claims that people who sleep in and control when they go to sleep and when they wake up are more intelligent, creative, and overall happier than those who do otherwise.

Led by researchers Kaja Perina and Satoshi Kanazawa, the study suggests that the snooze button is a new technological invention and is something that humans didn’t have until very recently, which means we’re not evolutionarily equipped for the luxury of sleeping in and ignoring the duties of life. Therefore, the researchers put forward that being able to hit the snooze button and adapt to this new lifestyle of ignoring outside stimuli that normally forces you to wake up and get out of bed is a sign of intelligence, because it demonstrates a stronger sense of self-agency.