Samina Ahmed Domestic Roles

Black and white television had its own pure romance. Those we saw in that pre-colour channel could be accepted in the future world of rangeen TV. And surely, they proved themselves qabil to do wonders in the advanced version of this cute dabba. They didn’t look soiled. One of them is the sterling senior actress, Samina Ahmed. Today, she works in mundane domestic Ammi roles. Day and night, dusty, bogus scripts pass under her discerning eyes. But, during the early coloured telly, and later, too, Samina Ahmed worked in brilliant portrayals. She did roles of very old women with panache and worked in meaningful plays and serials with the best artistes, mouthing powerful dialogues, giving natural expressions. Then, suddenly, one day, it all evaporated. It was the second millennium on the dehleez! During the ’60s, I remember I saw Samina in a black-and-white play from Lahore, where she was singing with her family to the tune of “Machchi meri jaan main khani aan, kha leyangi kachchi!”, which was based on “Sammi meri vaar…” I can recall that it was a light-hearted play, and if I remember correctly, it also starred Rehan Azhar. Samina had a good early stint with the Shoaib Hashmi team, along with Mansoorah, who was a fine painter herself. Those were happy times. Afsos, we have false drama values today.