Shehzad Roy’s Wordy Rhythm

Roy boy, the singer, who has worked for schools like a man possessed, is now in the news talking about the young raped and murdered girl, Zainab. He had some stars campaigning for a safer environment for children in the society. Waisey tou, Shehzad is known for some rousing songs on issues, but his best job has been his work in schools. Shehzad, Abrar-ul-Haq and Jawad Ahmad are all involved in some inspiring social work. They have all been the most entertaining singers, and now have revealed themselves to be the best ambassadors for Pakistan. So, that’s rhythm vythm for you. I was recently enjoying Roy’s quote on corruption. “Corrupt people unite whenever they are in trouble,” he said. “But, liberals and reformists can’t even agree to work together in drawing room conversations!” Shehzad sure said a mouthful there. It’s true that our attitudes in society are very strange, and the moment we are faced with a challenge, we seem to work as individuals instead of as a team.