Fathers & Sons – Heritage is in Good Hands

I couldn’t believe my ears. That young man had a distinctive delivery – a style of delivery I had heard before… in fact, decades back. Hamza Firdous, in O Rangreza, impressed from the word go. It’s like some London-returned local is speaking Urdu with an accent – that’s his delivery. But, Sajal and Bilal were doing so well, and then the serial had so much happening in it earlier, that bothering myself with the villain of the piece just wasn’t on. Of course, once the dust settled, it hit me with a thud. “He is doing his father all over again!” I sat up in my lame sofa. “He is Firdous Jamal’s son!” Yep! You got it late, but, finally you did! Well, Firdous J, the genius that he was, and still is, always accentuated his western edge in conversation as he played the bad man. He did that in Andhera Ujala, he did the same in films; not in Waris, though, because that role belonged to the rural side. But, it was back in Amjad Islam’s Dehleez, opposite Uzma Gillani. So, Hamza is doing very fine, and looks to be ready for big-time bizzy circuit. Now to another one. Yes, Ahad Raza Mir, who made his immediate fans in Sammi. With his chutla and a day’s shave, he gave the look of a pop star on holidays from a band. He played the son of Sania Saeed, the owner of a beauty parlour, who falls for a simple girl from a small village. Being Asif Raza Mir’s son, it has to be said that he emotes better than his papa. This was proven in Yaqeen Ka Safar, where he, literally had to shoulder the whole script. Both, Hamza and Ahad look promising for the future.