Style Lessons to Learn From the Most Unforgettable Red Carpet Looks

The award functions offers celebrities the perfect occasion to show-off their new tuxedos and entrance the audience with their striking good looks! Last year, we witnessed many unforgettable moments on the red carpet. While many stars proved to look as charming as ever, others seemed to miss the mark by quite a few yards. Nevertheless, here are a few style lessons you could learn from them:

Jazz it up a bit

Here, Varun Dhawan is a clear example of how you can elevate the classic tuxedo and zing it up by incorporating modern elements such as an embroidered cuff shirt and a cool necktie. It just goes to show that you can ace the formal look but have fun while you’re at it too!

Key takeaway: you’re only young once! Incorporate fun accessories that will jazz up your outfit and don’t forget to show off those pearly whites.

White isn’t boring

A white tux may be tricky to pull off but Mikaal Zulfiqar managed to do the job effortlessly! With his sleek pocket square and black bow tie to match, there’s absolutely nothing we’d want to alter from this look.

Key takeaway: don’t shy away from experimentation. Black tuxedos may be the norm but sometimes, it pays to spin the colour wheel.

It’s easy to go overboard

Looking at all these patterns, one might start to feel a little woozy. The look could have easily been salvaged if Jim Sarbh would have opted for crisp black pants to match his roll-neck jumper inside.

Key takeaway: don’t try too hard because it’s easy to go overboard. Know when to stop if you want to avoid a fashion faux pas.

Leave the shades at home

Imran Abbas looks absolutely dapper; wearing a well-tailored cobalt blue tuxedo with a funky polka-dotted bow tie (it just goes to show that guys can have some fun while styling, too!). However, we wish he’d left the shades at home.

Key takeaway: sunglasses don’t really mix well with formal events. Instead, go for matching cufflinks or perhaps just stick to the conventional bow tie.

Spice up an all-white ensemble

There’s no denying it: Hrithik Roshan looks absolutely dapper in this royal blue velvet dinner jacket. The colour immediately stands out because of being paired with an all-white ensemble. A velvet jacket can do wonders to elevate your style, you can also replicate this look with maroonish tones.

Key takeaway: experiment with in-season fabrics to spice up an all-white ensemble.

Less is more

By now, you’re probably wondering why people haven’t started calling out Hamza Ali Abbasi for always opting the traditional route on formal events. Perhaps it’s because he manages to kill in the look every single time. Sporting a black kurta shalwar and vest, Hamza proves that it’s not a crime to flaunt your true heritage even if you’re arriving at a star-studded event.

Key takeaway: there is simplicity in elegance. Enough said.

Be careful with prints!

While bold prints and patterns can certainly work in a sophisticated and classy way, they may be tricky to pull off. When confused, neutrals can be your best friend! We do believe a dark tuxedo jacket could have improved the sartorial situation here for Ali Rehman.

Key takeaway: you don’t have to be dressed head-to-toe in black but learn to find a balance when experimenting with bold prints.