Letters To The Editor

"Good leaders need a positive agenda, not just an agenda of dealing with crisis."
– Michael Porter

Reckless drivers

While the roads of Karachi were never safe to begin with, traffic has gotten even worse over the past few months. Aside from the traffic policemen, it is upsetting how motorists are not taking ownership of their city and instead, following the bandwagon of reckless driving. Most people are not aware of basic roadside etiquette and don’t follow the speed limits. To make matters worse, pedestrians don’t bother using overhead bridges to cross the streets and resort to disturbing traffic instead. It is clear that not many people bother following traffic rules in the city. This has also contributed to an increase in road accidents. Drivers should thus be discouraged from driving recklessly on roads. At the same time, people crossing roads should also follow traffic rules. Concerned authorities should take measures to improve the traffic flow as the roads tend to become severely jammed during peak hours.

Maheen Rajput,

Booming tourism industry

Over the years, the tourism industry has witnessed an exceptional growth. This can be owed to improved infrastructure, services, and of course, the rise in aesthetic pictures on social media. Many travel agencies have started running Facebook pages to promote their businesses. While there is still room for improvement in terms of services and hygiene, things seem to be moving towards a positive direction starting this year. It is also great to see so many foreign tourists on our lands. If security measures improve, the tourism industry would witness a massive boom which is sure to boost our economy.

Shehbaaz Ali,

Unsafe school buses

Guaranteeing the safety of children should not only be confined to classrooms but to their school vans and buses as well. Most school buses are often left unattended filled with little children outside school. It should be noted that most of these children are too young to be left alone without a bus conductor. Proper conductors should be appointed to not only guard children but to assist students in crossing roads etc. The city conditions are not safe hereby schools should not only invest in the security of school buildings but in transportation as well. It is time we start taking counteractive measures instead of waiting for something tragic to happen before taking appropriate action.

Maya Khan,

How do we protect our children?

The recent events in Kasur have caused a cloud of gloom to form upon the entire nation. While it is commendable that many celebrities have highlighted the issue and urged the government to take action, it still does not solve the most pressing problem of all. The main question is: how can we prevent such incidents from happening in the future? Whether it’s by raising awareness or by ensuring the culprits are punished for their atrocious actions, we need to start taking counteractive measures to put an end to this. However, the government alone cannot tackle this matter. Parents, schools and law enforcement agencies need to collaborate to bring about a positive change.

Ali Suleman,