Lights, Camera, Saba


Hues of glam and shades of skill, pair it together and you get a star – one that flies high and is here to rule the silver and small screen. Saba Qamar, rules the denizens’ hearts here and abroad and her journey to fame is an ascent that is unparalleled.

Things you didn’t know about Saba

•Saba Qamar played young Noor Jehan in Manto.

•She is the first Pakistani actress to be nominated for Filmfare after Zeba Bakhtiar in Henna (1992).

•She won PTV award for Best Actress way back in 2011 for Tinkay.

•The actress has previously rejected Bollywood films like Love Aaj Kal, Cocktail, Delhi 6, and Calling Sehmat.

•She took her acting more seriously only after a heartbreak in 2010.

•Yoga changed her life.

Think about the small screen… picture a fresh face, which has an open heart and is known for her starry choices… now close your eyes… and then blink. Is there a name that comes to mind? Pakistan’s dream girl is what fits the glamour frame, and that very girl has rained glitz and glamour from the small screen to the silver screen, making waves locally and in the world of Bollywood as well.

Her name needs no introduction for she has made a place in the hearts of the local denizens and across the border as well. Saba Qamar, Lollywood’s red-hot wonder girl is certainly here to stay. She hit the stars of fame through Maat, playing the antagonist.

Recently at the Masala Awards she was lauded for her role in Hindi Medium. And from thereon there was no stopping her from climbing the star ladder. So much so that she landed a Filmfare nomination for Best Actor (female) – a first for any Pakistani actress in the past 25 years. Taking up the garbs of a character which not many could have performed with perfection – playing a poor mom who lives in a middle-class neighbourhood to getting her kid admitted in a top school. Even though she couldn’t take home the award but her film won the Best Film award with Best Actor being bagged by Irrfan Khan, her co-actor.

If recently the tab of Pakistani dames working in the eastern hub can be peeked on, the roles that were played by Mahira Khan in Raees, or Humaima Malick in Raja Natwarlal, Saba outshone beyond par.

Talking about her debut in India, Saba shared, “Actors here need to try out different roles and not the same ones. Look at the Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone. She has starred in so many diverse roles.” And if diversity of characters is what she marks out, then she also wants out actors to work passionately in every role they do, studying the characters thoroughly so that the effort shows onscreen. “I don’t understand why actors in our country do not work on their given characters. Their energy levels are so low and their workmanship is not good either. One should be passionate about their work. We need to let go of our egos and work tirelessly.”

She is one who shares the zeal of the stars of Bollywood. “Pakistani actors are not interested in rehearsing their roles again and again. Vidya Balan attended a 12-day workshop for her role in a previous project. Alia Bhatt underwent a 30-day workshop for Udta Punjab as well.”

And she takes her adage of working tirelessly to heart. Even when working in Bollywood she managed to dub parts of Lahore Se Aagey, a sequel to Karachi Se Lahore along with the recording of the last episode of Besharam, a TV serial.

When speaking to Geo Pakistan, on her Filmfare nomination she shared, “Winning the award is a separate thing altogether. But your work getting acknowledged and appreciated is a huge achievement in itself.”

And she is not being lauded at home only, Saba ranked third on the UK-based publication Eastern Eye, as the top Bollywood debutant for 2017. The publication’s film critic, Anna MM Vetticad was full of praises for the starlet.

Being a private lady, the diva is one who hasn’t disclosed her personal life, but recently social media was ablaze with her tying the knot with a guy on Instagram. In the past too, the celebrity rumour mill paired her with Hamza Ali Abbasi. Both the times, the artiste refuted the rumours.

Taking up bold characters, like that of Qandeel Baloch in TV serial, Baaghi, the flight path of Saba is anything but versatile. From Maat, Udaan to Baaghi, taking up roles that the public knows her for, Saba Qamar is one that is on an ascent and we wish her to be showered with gold whatever she partakes in, making the green and white fly high.

by MAG Editorial Desk