Hot Pursuit

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Treasure Trove
Sweet dreams guys...

Anushka Sharma's teaser for Pari is out and is made especially to give you nightmares. The clip shows the actress’ face splashed with blood. Showing her quirky sense of humour, she posted the teaser on social media, saying “Sweet dreams guys...”. The horror film even has a tagline that says "Not a Fairytale." The teaser for Pari is already going viral and we can’t wait to watch the movie that is going to be released on March 2.

Around Town
Karachi holds an enthralling qawwali night

The year-end qawwali programme at T2F, a regular feature of the cultural space, was an enthralling event saying goodbye to the year 2017 on the right note. The music, the famous kalaam and a decent number of listeners made it a pretty enjoyable evening which started with the famous Mann kunto Maula by Saami Brothers. The number allowed the audience to absorb the spiritual vibe of the composition. The second piece that the brothers presented was the inimitable kalaam Merey baney ki baat with utmost passion. Another one was a mood changer in terms of beat – Wari gai main pia ke.

The Right Note
Now this is one pair with power-packed vocals!

It was for the movie Balu Mahi last year that singers Asim Azhar and Aima Baig lent their voices for the title song. The song became quite popular, and may be that is the reason that the duo decided to collaborate once again. Teriyaan is also composed by Asim. He came out with the video for the track right on the first day of the new year, featuring himself and Aima. The song has all the right feels to it and is bound to become a hit!

Glued to the Screen
Training Day

2001 crime thriller about a rookie cop and a crooked older partner, starring Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke, has been reshaped for this television sequel. Set 15 years after the original film, the series follows young, idealistic police officer Kyle Craig, as he goes under cover in the elite Special Investigations Section of the Los Angeles Police Department to spy on morally ambiguous Detective Frank Rourke and report on his unconventional methods. As Kyle becomes part of Rourke's loyal crew, the two fall into a precarious alliance that will affect their lives.