Letters To The Editor

“A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed”
– Henrik Ibsen

Rise in ATM-skimming frauds

The rise in ATM-skimming frauds has highlighted a very grave and significant flaw in our country’s security architectural system. According to recent reports, five Chinese nationals have been arrested on account of a lax visa policy from foreigners visiting from China. Currently, it seems that countless lawbreakers have been granted entry in our country without undergoing proper checks. Such matters must not be taken lightly and should be addressed more seriously. Consequently, banks must also take special measures to upgrade their security systems to prevent criminals from installing ATM-skimming devices. With personal information at hand, these criminals can do some serious damage.

Rida Fatima,

Kasur tragedy

The tragic molestation followed by murder of little Zainab of Kasur came as a severe blow for the entire nation. While the particular event originated from the city, child harassment is a problem familiar to the entire country. Zainab’s murder was not the only incident but rather a component of the series that had been infesting the area for quite a long time. Several similar incidents continuously take place throughout the country but only the murder of the pretty-eyed girl gains attention. Various kids are robbed of their childhood innocence on a daily basis but what are we, as a nation, doing to secure them? These incidents point towards serious shortcomings in our law and order system and demands for a prompt punishment of the culprits for their heinous wrongdoings. Parents and teachers should also be more vigilant around children and immediately report anything even remotely suspicious to their nearest police stations.

Sarmad Bukhari,

Better event management

Last week, it seemed as though the entire city was attending the Karachi Eat Festival. The queues were unimaginably long. As much as the food festival proved to be immensely profitable for various franchises, what made things unpleasant was how a number of people were not following the rules and were busy pushing others in line. While the great variety of food was certainly worth the wait, more careful measures should have been taken, especially when organising an event at such a big scale. Only better event management can make these events more enjoyable.

Sidra Khaliq,

Eat less, feed more

People often stack up their plates with food they want to eat but cannot. This greed leads to a lot of food wastage that could possibly feed a few hungry mouths. What’s worse is that the food is left to rot or merely thrown in trash bins which renders it useless for others. It’s high time that we empathise with people who have to go without food for days and eat wisely, so as to pass on the leftovers or even portions of our meals to them.

Sarah Iqbal,

Walking space for pedestrians

The metropolitan city seriously lacks proper spaces for pedestrians to walk. In a city which is always traffic-packed, making more pedestrian bridges or footpaths seem like a notion that demands prompt consideration, since a lot of time people on foot had been seen disrupting the flow of traffic to get to the other side of the road or been hit by racing vehicles. City planners should allocate proper walking space for the denizens to ensure safety and convenience for the pedestrians.

Paaras bin Hashim,