• 27 Jan - 02 Feb, 2018
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Sudden plans call for a fresh coat of eyeliner but what if your entire cosmetic collection is tucked away at home? Save yourself the trouble and pack your very own SOS make-up kit for emergency situations. These must have beauty products are excellent for quick touch-ups, perfect for girls on the go!


Double the benefits by packing a product that also works as an eye cream. Concealer is great for covering up dark circles, especially after you’ve had a long day at work. Just a little dab will have you looking fresh, ready to step out again.

Foundation stick

Sure, liquid foundation glides effortlessly but the stick version is easiest to apply and carry on the move. Opt for a colour that’s closest to your skin complexion and apply the shade in natural light to avoid any misses. Make sure to wash your face and start off with a clean palette before putting on foundation.

Your favorite lipstick

The perfect pout is one step closer to looking your absolute best for the evening. Opt for your favorite lippie or stick to a nude shade that will go well with all your outfits. Dual ended lip crayons are also a safe bet and fuss free to apply. Keep a look out for travel sized versions of your favorite shades to save space (and also a few bucks).

Compact powder

With a mirror, sponge applicator and face powder, this one product offers the most functionality from the lot. A hint of face powder after applying foundation definitely does the trick by helping your makeup stay intact for several hours.

Liquid eyeliner

When smoky eyes are too far-fetched, add some drama with liquid eyeliner. Invest in a product that’s easy to apply and offers long lasting results. If you have room for one more contender in your pouch, make sure it’s water-proof mascara for the perfect finishing touch.