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  • 27 Jan - 02 Feb, 2018
  • Mag The Weekly
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Hi there guys! I love reading MAG’s sports page. Please also include pieces on football and baseball. I am a huge football fan too! thanks!! Murtaza frm Karachi

Hello! I am a high-school student and a regular reader of MAG. I love reading the intertsing interviews and features in the magazine every week. Keep it up guys! Tehreem from Lahore

Sarfraz Bugti’s interview was very informational and gave good insight in the matters of Balochistan. Good job MAG! Sadiq Ahmed frm Quetta

Hello! Can you guys please tell me if I can write and contribute poems for MAG? Huma from Peshawar

Ali Zafar is my favourite singer and actor. He is such a heartthrob. Really enjoyed reading about him. Sehrish Khan frm Hyderabad