Megha – A Sinking House

Suddenly, the sofa began to move! By the time the theatrical actress got up halfway, her important drawing room item was literally racing out of the lounge! Finally, the sofa, with Megha half-cocked in it, hit the balcony on the full, and began to, almost walk up the wall!

Holy Mackerel! Was it an earthquake? Or a landslide, perhaps?

Not too off the mark, this time. As the glamour girl almost half hung on the balcony, craned her neck, she felt she had lost her orientation. The building was going off kilter, and everything looked askance! Her house worth of crores was sinking. Behind her house was a 200ft huge trench being dug up for a new plaza being built! And it had sent her house seemingly into a daldal!

Now, after Megha and other artistes have created a hangama, the plaza owners have assured her to bear all the expenses. Megha, on the safe side, has appealed to Chief Justice Lahore to intervene, or her property is gone.

Lo kar lo gal! The real theatrics!